"D2hex" is a little program that makes it easier to beat up some robots in the classic "Descent ][" game. This cute little tool enabled you to get up to 255 missiles/bombs of any kind and can also recharge your shield and energy to up to 255. You only need to copy the program into you "Descent ][" directory and start it. There is just a (little) problem with the program: you can only get weapons that you have already found so you won't get the "Earthshaker" missle before level 18. Here's a little tutorial on how to get it there:

255 Mega missiles ... pretty nice
Not too bad ... but there must be more
step one for earthshaker missile
Fly through the door right above the starting point
step two for earthshaker missile
Turn left and fly through the firewall
step three for earthshaker missile
Now fly up and shoot the switch behind the bars
step four for earthshaker missile
Now fly back, get the missile,
end Descend ][, start d2hex and...
255 Earthshaker missiles ... even better
... kick some robot ass

I know that "Descent ][" is quite old, but in my opinion it is the best "Descent" that has ever been released. And: I have written this cheat program, and I won't throw it away.