IrrEdit Project Manager
This project is a little "addon" to the Ambiera IrrEdit scenery editor. I really love this editor, mainly because of it's flexibility. It can easily be enhanced by creating plugins. There is just one thing that's missing: some project management. It's really annoying to change the working directory of the editor and restart it whenever you want to modify scenes of different projects. This is why I have created this little manager. You can specify projects, all with their own working path and plugins. When clicking the "Start IrrEdit" button the registry is updated to have the working directory set and the selected plugins are copied to IrrEdit's plugin folder (all other plugins from the list are removed from that folder). You just have to copy all plugins you use in your different projects to the <IrrEdit Projectmanager folder>/plugins and the list will be created. However it's necessary to have all the resources (icons...) you need for the plugins in the IrrEdit resource folder. Here are some screenshots:

Main Screen

Settings Screen