The "RoadCreator" is a small and (hopefully) useful little tool that can help developers to create roads. It might not be as complete as other (commercial) programs, but at least it can provide you with easy to create roads for prototyping. In order to define a road you need to define segments and connect them with (surprise!) connections. You can find a little introduction here: RoadCreator Manual.
16.12.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 A new version is available online: fixed a bug in the texture settings: scale and offset of the textures are now working again.
11.12.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 A new version of the BulletByte RoadCreator is available:

  • added option to control direction of basement and walls indepentent of each other
  • added clone option for segments
  • fixed annoying bug which could cause gaps beween segment and connection walls
23.11.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 One more small update: updated manual and fixed a little bug with the surface that crashed the demo application
22.11.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
  • fixed bug with the segment's base offset
  • added missing default textures for the ground
  • modified creation of meshbuffers
  • added new manual
19.11.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 With this modification the walls besides the roads do no longer have zero width. Because of this change it was also necessary to add "cornerstones" to the segments. I think I'll have to provide some manual/tutorial for this nice little program within the next days or so.
21.10.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 Fixed a huge problem with the normals of the created roads. They should now be OK, although they could take some interpolation.
30.08.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 It is now possible to have the basement of a segment or connection point in the negative normal direction. This way it's e.g. possible to create a loop in a road (see "loop.road", a new demo track).
23.08.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 A new version: I have added the possibility to add walls to the segments / connections. Useful for preventing the car from falling down ;)
20.08.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 Fix a bug in the RoadCreator: aligning a segment to a scene node does now also work for rotated scenenodes.
19.08.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 A big update for the RoadCreator: it is now possible to load scenes created with IrrEdit (it will even load unknown nodes, although they are replaced by empty scenenodes) and align the segments of the road to scenenodes (i.e. you can select a vertex of a scenenode and a point in the segment and the "RoadCreator" will put them in the same place). See the IrrOdeCar demo for some examples.
09.07.2011 | "RoadCreator" update
 I just uploaded a small update of the Bulletbyte Road Creator. After this update the calculation of the Bezier points gives useable results which should speed road creation up quite a bit.
29.05.2011 | new project "RoadCreator"
 I have added a little tool that allows you to create roads you can use in any Irrlicht applications. It's called "RoadCreator" and can be found here.